RFI Technology Solutions


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RFI is a global technology solutions company and an Australian manufacturer of high-performance and innovative wireless communication products, with antennas, system components and repeater/ rebroadcast systems included in its portfolio.

Since our inception in 1979, RFI has been fully committed to delivering technical products for LMR, public safety and carrier markets globally, making sure that reliable and top-performing connectivity is provided in complex and harsh environments.

Supported by a world-class engineering and R&D team, with unmatched industry experience, we demonstrate our expertise in full equipment build, integration, testing and the delivery of specialised coverage solutions.

Utilizing over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge, our services division and dedicated design team provide world-class wireless products into our portfolio and are specialised in delivering successful DAS and IBC systems for a diverse portfolio of industries.

RFI’s priority is to deliver solutions across a range of applications, ensuring that your project’s needs are successfully met.