The number one event for critical communications users and industry in the region

With a keen eye on trends, hot topics and the latest solutions in the critical communications ecosystem, Comms Connect is the key place to gather vital information and network with your peers. Whether you’re in the resource sector or public safety, transport or utilities, security or consulting, the conference and exhibition delivers countless opportunities to seek out new technology, share ideas and make new contacts.

What are the continuing trends globally in the land mobile radio market (LMR)?

What decision is likely to be made with regard to the delivery and governance of a Public Safety Mobile Broadband capability (PSMB) here in Australia?

Can satellite deliver the additional coverage you need in those hard- to- reach, remote areas?

Is narrow-band radio still the best technology solution for the environment your serve or is PTT over cellular a realistic alternative?

Should we believe the hype around  5G and what needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition in the years ahead?

What is IoT doing for us in the short term and how can all that data serve us  better?

Is the critical communications industry as we know it  on the cusp of complete transformation as technologies converge and collide?

All these questions and more will be answered on 26-28 November at Comms Connect Melbourne 2019.