Panel discussion

Closing panel discussion: Critical communications: the next 10 years

Theatre 3 28 November 2019 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Chris Stevens
Peter Clemons
Tony Gray
Chris Goldsmith
Ellen Ryan
Ian Miller

We are clearly living through a process of digital transformation of modern societies and economies, which is changing the way we live, work and protect ourselves. As we move into a 5G era of hyper-connectivity of all people and all ‘things’, best-effort communications is no longer acceptable. In order to deliver secure, reliable, always-available services across a heterogeneous network of networks, the whole of society will need to come together to agree on a common framework and a common platform for service delivery. Commercial players will need to learn from critical communications providers in order to serve ‘verticals’ and the critical communications industry will need to open itself up to new, more open solutions and mindsets. Verticals will need to embrace interoperability, ensuring that big data is shared and delivered for downstream, real-time situational awareness and analytics. Collaboration and cooperation will inspire a common operating picture for sectors such as public safety, health utilities and public transport to evoke enhanced service delivery models. A lot is at stake over the coming decade, success is far from guaranteed and yet, failure is not an option.

The critical communications community must embrace the new methodologies, technologies and paradigms of cloud, edge, automation, collaboration and continuous integration, development and deployment, but it must do so in a way that preserves and enhances the values of reliability, resilience and security that we hold dear. No sector or user group can go it alone during this new era. Critical communications has to be end to end, collaborative and based on trust. How can we move out of our silos and away from our old mindsets to create the better, smarter, safer world by 2030 that sometimes seems so far from reach?

Moderator: Chris Stevens — Managing Director, CartGIS