WORKSHOP: Cutting through the hype — Current progress of standardised mission-critical LMR and broadband technologies for business- and mission-critical stakeholders

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Workshop Rooms 26 November 2019 1:30 pm - 5:15 pm

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Anton Abrahams
Tony Gray
Kevin Graham
Jamie Chard
Sohan Domingo
Craig Copes
Sam Lister
Jeon, Soon Ki
Barbara Noonan
Niiaz Shakirov
Devdarsh Jain
Steve Hwang

Insights on global progress being made in LMR digital (TETRA, P25 & DMR) and broadband (4G/5G) open standards for business- and mission-critical stakeholders. Supporting vertical market case studies on LMR, broadband and hybrid solutions, paths for interoperability underpinned by interworking standards efforts and how leading vendors/network providers are addressing LMR/MC broadband for voice, data and security to support end-user requirements embracing open standards Radio and Mission-Critical Broadband Open Standards.

Case studies may target specific end user groups, e.g. mining or public safety, or may be a more general paper with broader audience appeal that should address how our LMR/Radio Communications industry continues to meet the needs of the above verticals with new solutions.


Workshop introduction:
Anton Abrahams — Chairman/Director, ACCF

Status of International Digital LMR and mission-critical broadband digital standards including interworking and control centres
Tony Gray — CEO, TCCA

International spectrum trends — harmonisation for future mission-critical broadband

Jamie Chard — Senior Network Consultant, Nokia Networks and Solutions, Australia

Voice interoperability, multi bearer switching and application integration for mission-critical operations
Sohan Domingo — Product Manager Software. Tait Radio

International case study 1:  Guangzhou Government/Metro and MX Link (Mexico SMVNO)
Kaddour Rebiai — Sales Director APAC, Airbus Secure Communications

Case study 2: Private LTE for resources industries
Craig Copes — Solutions Architect, Aqura Technologies

Hybrid TETRA & LTE transforming transportation sector (including case study Sydney North West Metro)
Sam Lister —Business Development Manager, MCS Digital

Insights into International mission-critical deployments — voice — data — security specifics:

– Utility Korea: JEON, Soo Ki — Senior Manager ICT Team, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
Oil and gas TATNEFT Russia: Niiaz Shakirov — Project Manager Telecoms, TISSCOMS, Russia
Transport rail/Metra India: Devdarsh Jain — Director Marketing, Consort Digital India
Shared Government – Korea Safenet update:  Steve Hwang — Steering Committee Member, Safe-Net Forum, BDM, Public Sector APAC, Nokia

Critical communications Solutions Showcase — MC products/applications, current and future outlook:

Implications of Industry 4.0 and 5G for mission-critical network: Barbara Noonan — Head of Public Safety Sector APAC, Nokia Enterprise

Panel Session/Questions & Answers
Moderator: Kevin Graham — Director, ACCF and Managing Director Global Digital Solutions
Presenter panel plus other subject matter experts

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