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Delivering 21st-century communication platforms for public safety agencies in Australia

Theatre 1 20 October 2022 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Peter Scarlata

Citizens in Australia rely on public safety agencies (PSAs) to protect and serve the Australian nation every day of the year. Communication is critical in enabling better decisions that ultimately save lives. Millions of calls are made to PSAs every year in Australia. Each one of those calls triggers a complete systematic response underpinned by mission-critical communications. Put simply, these communications systems have been built not to fail. Australia is changing and in need for robust and reliable communication technology which meets the needs for the 21st century. Simoco addresses how transitioning to mobile broadband-based applications and technology will create operational efficiencies and effectiveness for PSAs. We are excited to be unveiling MORF, Velocity and P25 Phase 2 with what we believe are exciting technologies that will revolutionise mission-critical networks in Australia.