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Drones – coming soon to a tower near you

Theatre 2 19 October 2022 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Michael Ryan

Until drones hit the telecommunication tower scene, the work of assessing towers fell to a fearless group of riggers. But climbing a telecommunication tower is laden with safety issues, and it’s a time-intensive exercise when done the old way.

Enter drone technology. Now drones are giving you far greater control over understanding your tower assets. They quickly and accurately provide photos, videos and other data to enable towers to be maintained effectively.

Titan ICT has partnered with Brisbane-based company SiteSee to provide a superior tower management solution. The SiteSee proprietary platform processes data collected from drone technology into a 3D model. It identifies all the specifics of the equipment and the structure, including the antenna type, the location, its elevation and the bearer. The result is far more efficient, safe and accurate analysis of tower assets.