IoT PANEL DISCUSSION: Data sharing and security in an IoT world

Theatre 3 28 November 2019 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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Geof Heydon
Ghislaine Entwisle
Victoria Lee
Barbara Noonan

The panel will discuss the importance of Data Sharing and security. There are many popular reasons why sensitive data is not shared and there are emerging strategies to overcome these challenges. Data sharing enables innovation so we must find a way. First responders are capturing a lot of data and sharing insights is the first step but sharing sensitive data is a bridge too far for many. We will explore the interoperability and security landscape and show that trust preserving data sharing is not only important for productivity and service delivery but critical for the future. And the future is upon us.

Panel Members: Ghislaine Entwisle – Director, Protiviti, Victoria Lee – Vice President, The Public Safety Network, Barbara Noonan — Head of Public Sector APAC, Nokia Networks and Solutions, Singapore

Moderator: Geof Heydon – Principal Consultant, IoT Alliance Australia