Public Safety Network NZ – paving the way for next gen critical comms

Theatre 1 20 October 2022 9:50 am - 10:20 am

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Neal Richardson

The Next Generation Critical Communications (NGCC) lead entity, working with New Zealand emergency services agencies, has been tasked to deliver modern and secure critical voice, data and messaging capability to the Ambulance, Fire and Police agencies of NZ. Over the past 24 months NGCC has achieved a number of major milestones towards the delivery of a New Zealand Public Safety Network (PSN).

Neal will talk through some of these major milestones, and technology decisions, for the Public Safety Network programme to date as well as cover both challenges, insights and successes the teams have experienced.  Using a multi-agency approach to deliver new communications capability for all emergency services required collaboration at all levels of each organisation. Neal’s presentation will cover some of the unique processes and tools that were developed along the way.