Public safety and emergency management - Stream 1

Situational awareness tools for managing emergencies in the field

Theatre 1 19 October 2023 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Jason Burt

Emergency situations require access to key situational awareness information to make effective decisions.  This access has been a challenge for field users, so there is a heavy reliance on informed resources like dispatch operations.  Likewise, information exists across multiple platforms and systems.  This session will discuss the different tools that are available to public safety operations to help resolve these events quickly.  This session will cover incident-based tools available for law enforcement and fire operations to address the following situations:

  • Day-to-day patrol
  • SWAT/Tactical Operations
  • VIP protection
  • Large scale event mangement
  • Emergency management
  • Search and rescue
  • Structure fires
  • HAZMAT situations