Global PSMB and the European BroadWay to BroadNet

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Plenary 27 November 2019 9:00 am - 9:45 am

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Dr David Lund

Global activities toward PSMB will be reviewed, followed by an update on the European BroadWay programme. BroadWay concluded a Request for Tender process on 22 August 2019. BroadWay is a Pre-Commercial Procurement programme which remains competitive throughout, with the goal to incentivise the development of the best mobile broadband solutions. BroadWay will spend ~€9m and consist of 3 competitive phases: Design, Prototype and Pilot. BroadWay will contract up to 5 supply teams for design, and will select the best 3 for prototype and 2 for pilot. Final procurement of BroadNet will follow, leading to pan-European Operational Mobility for responders in the timeframe 2024/25. Operational mobility will enable responders to use mobile broadband to collaborate with other responders wherever they are in Europe and whenever they need to.

Dr David Lund – President/ Coordinator of Broadway, Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) Forum



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