Panel discussion

Turning Blackspots into Brightspots – Satellite evolution or revolution?

Theatre 2 19 October 2022 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Scott Leyonhjelm
Ashley Neale
James Alderdice

Moderator: Scott Leyonhjelm, Senior Communications Engineer, Nova Systems

Panellists: GEO satellite – Inmarsat (Todd McDonald), MEO Satellite – SES (Alan Cheng), LEO Satellite – Vocus (Ashley Neale), Lynk Global (James Alderdice)

Terrestrial LMR (P25, Tetra, DMR et al), HF and 4G/5G mobile radio solutions are proven technologies for voice and data critical communications for the foreseeable future, but where are the bright spots?

Bright spots are those complementary technologies and solutions that provide the opportunity to augment terrestrial radio solution availability, coverage and capacity when the critical communications community most needs it. Two Comms Connect webinars in the last year have explored several bright spot solutions, from vehicle hubs and low-altitude helikites through to stratospheric balloons, solar wings and a range of satellite solutions.

With the satellite industry undergoing a resurgence in recent years, this session brings together four satellite experts who will share their views on whether the satellite industry is evolving or is undergoing a revolution for the users of the technology.

The session will provide participants with the now and future perspectives of new and emerging GEO, MEO and LEO satellite constellations, as well as introduce the emerging concept of communicating from a mobile base station installed on a satellite directly to a standard mobile phone.

Each presenter will have 8 minutes to get their key messages across, which will then be followed by an interactive session that will allow the opportunity for the audience to ask questions and/or relate their own satellite technology experiences and opinions.