Call for Papers

Comms Connect Series

We are now seeking workshops, case studies and technology submissions for Comms Connect Melbourne 2019.

Case studies may target a specific end user group, e.g. mining or public safety, or may be a more general paper with broader audience appeal.

Target audiences for presentations include:

  • Transportation – road, rail operators, ports and airports, public transportation
  • Public safety/emergency management – all agencies and volunteer organisations
  • Utilities – water, gas and power generation
  • Resources – mining, oil and gas
  • Government – including customs, defence, environment
  • Enterprise
  • Commercial – retail, construction, venues, health facilities, hospitality etc
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Technology papers

These papers must not be vendor specific or sales orientated. Those that are will not be selected. Papers that take an agnostic approach – focusing on technology, its application and convergence with other applications and technologies – with case studies included, will be selected for inclusion where possible.

Training Workshops

Workshops may have multiple presenters from different organisations and you may be asked to work with industry colleagues to deliver a training workshop. Handouts, classroom-style interaction and demonstrations are expected for the workshops and materials should be available for distribution by the organisers in the week prior to the workshop to help participants prepare.

Topics for consideration for workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications – innovations for business and mission-critical users
  • Cybersecurity – protecting your critical systems and networks
  • Next-generation networks – what does the future look like?
  • Future technologies and their use – from UAVs to wearables
  • Biometrics – their use in public safety environments for the benefit of all
  • Disruptive technologies – what do you need to know?
  • Software-defined networking
  • Geospatial and situational awareness
  • Connected vehicles – utilising for maximum advantage – where and when?
  • Social media – its use and application in emergency management
  • Control rooms – data, its use and how to handle the influx

Presentation duration

General sessions
30 minutes, including time for Q&A, unless otherwise instructed.

Training workshops
3 hours unless otherwise instructed.


Papers will be evaluated on the inclusion of case studies, their relevance, practicality and timeliness, along with the speaker’s knowledge and past experience.


Please include with your submission:

  • Contact details
  • Speaker biography (100 words)
  • Speaker headshot/photograph (high res jpeg – please attach separately and not as part of a word document)
  • General topic proposed
  • Session proposed – Workshop/Case study/Technical paper
  • Proposed title of presentation
  • 100-150 word presentation description/abstract
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Melbourne Application Timeline

Abstract submissions closing deadline

28 June 2019

Notification of success

19 August 2019

Material submission deadline

11 November 2019

For more information contact Lisa Crossley – / +61 2 9487 2700.