Decon Technologies


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Decon Corporation specialises in Control systems, Switchboard Installation, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Project Management.

The Smart Power Cell is an advanced enclosure that integrates Solar, Wind, Battery, and Generator technologies. It offers hybrid primary or backup power, enhancing reliability and eliminating single points of failure.

Our COW & Calf, also known as the mobile cell site on wheels, ensures quick deployment during natural disasters and emergency responses. It provides efficient communication support for emergency services and enables rapid recovery.

For immediate power needs, our ready-to-deploy generator trailers are equipped with 24/7 monitoring and long-range fuel tanks, serving residents and emergency services across the country.

Decon Corporation consistently delivers innovative solutions to meet evolving customer requirements. With nationwide expertise and global corporate coverage, we have successfully completed projects in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Mongolia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Antarctica.