Industry - Stream 3

Enabling high-end military simulation through advanced telecommunications in an austere environment

Theatre 3 19 October 2023 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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Alan Seery
Mark Horn

High-end military simulation systems replicate actions that occur in the modern battlespace using a blend of ‘live’, ‘virtual’ and ‘constructive’ simulation. These simulations are delivered in remote areas, have high data needs, and need to be scalable to support evolving digital communications and support systems.

Working with Aqura, Cubic Defence Australia, delivered an advanced 4G/5G telecommunications network in an austere North Queensland training range featuring low latency. The network enables secure portrayal of the cause and effect of tactical actions that the Australian Defence Force needs to conduct training to enhance the readiness of its most important teams.

Speakers will outline the use cases and benefits that the network is now realising.