Technology - Stream 2

Ensuring High Performance of 5G networks

Theatre 2 19 October 2023 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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Senthil Sundram

Modern societies worldwide depend on the performance, reliability and security of critical infrastructures and networks. There is a plethora of “new verticals” such as manufacturing, warehouse, mining, ports or other critical infrastructure, just to name a few.

These “new vertical” use cases all have one common requirement: the mobile network needs to provide a superior performance compared to a commercial mobile network. In such environments 5G brings new capabilities to build fast and secure campus or private networks tuned to higher performance, which can increase productivity and efficiency. To be successful in these business-critical use cases, the wireless networks need to be as reliable as the wired ones.

As a recognised 5G technology leader, Rohde & Schwarz will conduct a non-commercial 30-minute presentation discussing the roll out of Private 5G networks and considerations to ensure high performance is maintained.