Since 1995, Powertec has been leading the charge in revolutionising mobile phone connectivity and wireless communication. With a team of over 90 dedicated staff, supported by a vast network of over 100 telecommunications field contractors, Powertec partner with over 1000 local distributors and dealers across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, and Bangladesh to deliver seamless wireless connectivity solutions. We believe in a world where everyone can communicate, no matter where they may be.

Our cutting-edge technologies encompass everything from mobile phone connectivity in almost any mode of transport, in-building mobile coverage; from a house to a hospital, and outdoor wireless networks supporting a wide range of industries including agriculture and mining.  Our Engineering and Projects team are experienced and specialise in the delivery of DAS, communications towers, solar systems, microwave links, long-range antennas, sensors, and modems. If its wireless connectivity you need, we have you covered.