Technology - Stream 2

Delivering next gen critical comms at scale: completing the transition

Theatre 2 18 October 2023 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm

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Peter Clemons

It is taking much longer than expected to transition from existing TETRA/P25 solutions to the next generation of mission-critical (MCPTT/MCX) services running over 3GPP LTE/5G networks.

A series of key features such as full QoS, QPP, eMBMS, IWF etc. are required to replicate the full functionality of existing solutions over public, private & hybrid networks. The global community is making steady progress converging towards new models that will allow agencies to benefit from powerful new tools & capabilities.
In this presentation, Peter Clemons will update the audience on the current status of global deployments & explain how standards are evolving to allow critical communications to be delivered at scale.