Technology - Stream 2

Exploring the cyber challenges in critical insfrastructure and communications

Theatre 2 18 October 2023 11:45 am - 12:15 pm

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Vanessa Leite

The high-profile attacks that have affected critical infrastructure in recent years have served as a stern reminder of the severe negative impact of such events on businesses and communities. Critical infrastructure such as Telecommunication organisations plays an essential role in the proper function of our modern society and successful compromises of these services can result in significant harm. Protecting critical infrastructure is imperative. While some progress has been made to improve the overall security of these services, there are still substantial challenges to overcome and work to do. Coping with the environment complexities, talent shortages, and handling the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, are just a few examples of the challenges Telecommunication organisations face.  These are some of the topics to be covered as part of this presentation.