Industry - Stream 3

Private LTE for oil & gas

Theatre 3 18 October 2023 11:45 am - 12:15 pm

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Vishal Kohli

Private LTE Applications in Oil and Gas COMMS-AU-PLTE-CCM-JUL-23 External – Approved for Release 1 of 1 Absrtract of Proposed Presentation: Private LTE networks have gained momentum in Australia, especially in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors. It not only improves safety and efficiency, but acts as and enabler for Industry 5.0 and IIoT applications. This case study on the deployment of Private LTE in Oil and Gas environments, which cover large areas and various aspects such as high availability systems, distributed architecture, radio redundancy and intelligent design aspects for transport of different traffic flows of critical applications such as SCADA, IIoT and LoRA applications. This presentation will provide insights to the future of Private LTE and its applications, as well as the added operational benefits of an LTE system, which were previously restricted to carriers.