Public safety and emergency management - Stream 1

P25 for the future: new standards, interoperability and security for 2023 and beyond

Theatre 1 18 October 2023 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm

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Cheryl Giggetts

Project 25 remains critically important to public safety users and government agencies. With over 3000 P25 systems on the air and 42 State-wide Networks in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada: its continued evolution with new standards, capabilities, and applications will be relevant, even as FirstNet and other public safety broadband networks continue to roll out.

See how P25 technology is adapting and interworking to meet the changing technology eco-system. Look at the top priorities for the future of P25 from the Steering Committee Chair and the P25 User Needs Working Group. Get the latest Standards update including: P25 Standards recently completed and new Standards in development including LMR interworking with LTE and Mission-Critical PTT.

Learn what’s new for Project 25 including: New P25 Link Layer Security Standards (Cyber Security for P25 Control Channels and Unit IDs), A new “GPS location on every PTT” Standard for P25 subscriber units and a new Multi-vendor “User ID alias” capability to share the user-name for each unit across multiple systems and talk groups. Explore P25 Inter-System Interface (ISSI) capabilities and best practices for multi-agency interoperability through roaming and sharing region-wide, and state-wide.

Strong interest in Communications Security and Encryption is growing. Review the new P25 Link Layer Standards, P25 User Authentication Standards, and improved, interoperable, AES Key Management. And finally, explore the latest P25 testing resources including the DHS CAP program, in building testing, a new network interoperability software tool and P25 test solutions available from Independent Testing Labs.