Public safety and emergency management - Stream 1

Unified Comms – reducing WA Police Black Spots

Theatre 1 19 October 2023 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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Brett Pearson
Steve Walker

Unified Communications begins at the 000 call and ensures our police response is the best it can be, involving ‘anywhere’ voice and data communications (Satellite/4G/Radio), live-streaming video (Body Worn Camera, Remotely Piloted Air System, other Aircraft, CCTV), real time alerting, deconfliction and big data analytics.

Unified Communications is the integration of voice, video, and/or data services delivered universally across the WA Police network infrastructure, to provide increased situational awareness and effectiveness to the frontline. The end game is to provide officers with the information they need to solve the crime or find the person at risk ‘FASTER’, involving a multi-agency response where required.